How do I contact Customer Service ?
If you want to contact one of our customer representatives, please fill out the Contact Form on the "Contact Us" page or write us an email at contact@oranjolly.com.  We will reply within 24 hours

What countries do you ship to ?
We ship worldwide with DHL Express. We ship to all European countries within 1 - 4 working days.

When will I receive my order?
You will receive your order within 1 - 4 working days once payment has cleared.
You will receive an email with your tracking number.You can track your item here: www.dhl.com
If one item is out of stock, one of our representatives will contact you regarding your order. 
If your order is placed during a holiday, natural calamities, weekends or any other circumstances beyond our control, delivery dates might change.

Can I add another item to an existing order?
If your order has already been dispatched, you cannot add a new item to it. If the order hasn't been dispatched, we will add the item you want to your existing order.

Can I cancel my order ?
Yes, you can cancel your order, if it hasn't been already dispatched, by contacting us immediately . If the order has already been dispatched , please see Return Policy

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we offer warranty for every item . Please see the Warranty section for every item. We agree to exchange or repair the items that are damaged due to a manufacturing defect. However, the warranty doesn't include coverage for accidental abuse, tear and excessive wear. Please also note that any repair or service performed on one of our products by anyone other than our company, will immediately void the warranty.
Its important to read the warranty booklet that arrives with your item. The warranties can vary considerably between manufacturer's. Manufacturer's warranties cover you against manufacturing defects, not general wear and accidents.

Can I return an item?
We are sorry to hear that our product did not meet your expectations. 
In order to return your product you must first report it to our customer service team. Please complete the REVOCATION FORM and send it to us.You can return your product within 14 days after you've received it.Please include in the package your invoice or printed order confirmation. Moreover, the product must be sent in its original packaging.
The buyer will support the costs of returning his/her order.
We will refund your money within 14 days after we have received and processed your return.The shipping fee is non refundable, unless the item we shipped you has a defect or we shipped you an incorrect one.

Please see our RETURNS POLICY
There is something wrong with my straightening brush / flat iron/ curling wand ! What should I Do ?
Please send us an email at contact@oranjolly.com and provide us the following details :
- Your order ID and name
- A picture or description of the defect
Based on the information you will send us, we will be able to assist you and solve the problem

How do I know if the flat iron/ hair straightening brush/curling wand is ready to use ?
Always read the manual instructions before using any hair styling tool. 
Hold the "Power" button pressed for about 2-3 seconds.The LCD display turns on.It will be ready to use after a minute

How to use a hair straightening brush ?
Please always read the manual instructions for every straightening brush.
You can use a hair straightening brush exactly as you would have used a regular brush, not fearing of burning your scalp
For best results, follow these steps :

 - Hair must be brushed and dry
 - Brush you hair slowly in a pulling motion
 - Make sure the hair gets into the inner area of the brush

How long it will take me to straighten my hair using a hair straightening brush ?
Average straightening with a hair straightening brush takes about 5 to 20 minutes.Depending on your hair type, it may take longer for some of you to fully straighten

Does hair straightening brushes work for all hair types ?
Hair straightening brushes will straighten all types of hair.

How to clean the a flat iron / straightening brush / curling wand ?
Use a damp cloth to clean it, once the product is cold and disconnected from the socket.

Can I shape my hair using a hair straightening brush / flat iron ?
You can shape your hair inwards and outwards using a hair straightening brush and even make curs with a flat iron.

What are the exclusions to the guarantee ?
- The warranty does not cover any fault caused by incorrect usage
- If any repair by a third party has been attempted, the warranty will be void
- The warranty does not cover any fault caused by accidental damage

My hair is already curly ! Can I use your curlers to redefine and reshape my curls ?
Yes, you can use our curlers to redefine and to reshape your curls.
My jewellery is damaged! What do I do next? 
Please send us an email at contact@oranjolly.com and provide us the following details :
- A picture and description of the defect
- Your order ID and name
Based on the information you will send us, we will be able to assist you and solve the problem

How should I care for my jewellery ?
Please make sure you keep your jewellery away from high temperatures, perfume, salty air, skin creams, hairspray, sulphur and chlorine.The amount of oxidation depends on your skin and care habits!
Moreover, we also recommend not wearing your jewellery whilst bathing, in bed or during sporting activities.

How should I store my jewellery ?
You should store your jewellery away from sunlight and heat, in a special jewellery box! Do not store your jewelleries in the bathroom!

How to clean my jewellery  ?
Use a polishing cloth regularly in order to prevent the process of tarnishing. Do not use harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine and salt water when cleaning your jewelleries. 

What is my jewellery made of ?
All technical specifications for each piece will be listed on each product page.

How will my jewellery be packaged ?
We believe that a jewellery should by packed both discreet and beautiful. That's why, your jewellery will be packed in either a luxury gift box or a delicate cloth bag provided by the manufacturer
What does the warranty cover exactly?
Please read the warranty booklet that arrives with your item. The warranties can vary considerably between manufacturer's. Generally manufacturer's warranties cover you against manufacturing defects, not general wear and tear or accidents resulting in broken straps, glass or missing crystals/stones. The warranty booklet also 
offers helpful information for general use, servicing periods and cleaning tips.

Is my watch water resistant ?
You can find all the details, including if they are or not water resistant, in the specifications/description box of every item . 

1 to 3 ATM means that the watch is suitable for everyday use , meaning that the item can withstand some drops of water only.

5 ATM means the watch is suitable for washing hands or light rain

10 ATM means that the watch is suitable for bathing and water sports, like swimming , surfing, etc

20 ATM means that the watch is suitable for water sports including snorkeling

Salt water, acidity from perspiration, perfumes and chemical products can attack the watch gaskets and reduce the duration of waterproofness.

However, if the watch is not suitable for hands washing, bathing, rain, swimming or any other water related work, all the damages caused under these sort off circumstances will not be covered by the guarantee.

Your watches are battery-operated or mechanical ?
All our watches are quartz movements, meaning that they are battery operated.

The battery died within 30 days of receiving the product! What should I do ?
Most watch batteries can last over one years from when they're first put into the product. However, sometimes the watch stops functioning because of a prematurely dead battery cell! This means that you will have to replace your battery to any qualified watch repair store. 

I dropped my watch and it broke ! How can I get it fixed ?
If you dropped, or accidentally scratched your watch, we can not fix your product! The warranty on a watch only relates to the movement and not the other parts, such as the glass or the strap.

How to care for my watch in order to prevent cracking and to increase durability ?
In order to increase durability, please don't expose your watch to high temperatures, sauna, direct sunlight . Humidity control is also important.
If you are bathing, taking a shower, or washing dishes, it's always a good idea to remove your watch.
Never wear a watch with a leather band in water
Use a soft cloth to swap the watch, and keep it in its original packaging or in a special box in order to protect it from overly wet and dry environment.