Hair Styling Tools
2 in 1 Showliss Pro Hair Straightener and Hot Brush
The 2 In 1 Showliss Pro Hair Straightener and Hot Brush is a styling tool to use at home and get professional results.Unlock the unit and use it as a flat iron to create smooth and silky hair. The ceramic plates can reach up to 230 degreesWhen you lock the hair styler you can use it as a brush curler to add volume at the crown, create flips and waves.Add volume to your hair by applying your styler to the root where additional volume is desired.Flip you hair ends or create waves by using the styl..
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Babyliss HSB100E Liss Brush 3D Straightening Brush
Babyliss 3D Liss Brush features plastic bristles that will gently comb your hair, silicone bristles to place hair closer to the heating elements and ceramic bristles for even heat distribution and flawless straighteningThe straightening brush generates negative ions that eliminates frizz and makes your hair look shiny and healthierAdjust temperature and select between 160°C, 180°C and 200°C to suit your hair type.FeaturesHair styling tool: Hair Straightening BrushTechnology: Ionic and ceramic Te..
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Nasv 100 Hair Straightening Brush
Straighten your hair in minutes just by combing it with NASV 100 Hair Straightening Brush. The new straightening brush leaves your hair straight and smooth and is very easy to use.It emits rich negative ions while combing to leave your hair frizz free and silky.75W Power ensures constant heat up at 230 to straighten the curliest hairAdjustable temperature between 80 - 230 Degrees Celsius lets you choose the right heat for your hair typeAuto-shut off protection and temperature lock function.Featu..
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Nasv 300 Hair Straightening Brush
The updated NASV 300 Hair Straightener Brush features new shape, more anti scald bristles and heats up to 230 degrees in just 60 seconds.The comb releases rich negative ions to maximize the styling effect and make your hair shinier and smoother.75W Power ensures constant heat up to 230 Degrees to straighten the curliest hairAdjustable temperature between 80 - 230 Degrees Celsius lets you select the right heat setting for your hair typeAuto-shut off protection after 30 minutesUpdated lock button ..
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Professional Fast Hair Straightener Brush
Use the Professional Fast Straightener Brush as a regular brush and get amazing results in minutes.The brush transforms knotted, frizzy hair into straight, smooth, shiny hair in minutes with less heat damage due to ionic technology. The bristles will not pull off your hair and the tips will not fall over in time.Adjustable temperature up to 230 Lock Temperature function prevents wrong button pressingFeaturesStyler Type: Hair Straightener BrushTechnology: Ceramic heating plate/ionic fun..
48.00€ vat incl.
Remington CB7400 Hair Straightening Brush
Tired of using the hair straightener every day? Remington has created a revolutionary product that gives you straight, smooth hair, in a matter of minutes.Remington Straight Brush is designed to retain your hair’s natural volume whilst smoothing it out to perfection, so you get a naturally straight style with volume.Glide your hair with ceramic bristles that reduce frizz and leave your hair glossy and straightFeaturesHair Styling Tool: Straight BrushTechnology: Ceramic BristlesBest Use: Clean, D..
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Remington CI6325 Pro Soft Curl Tong
Remington Pro Soft Curl Tong features anti static Ceramic coating for super-smooth hair and curls that really last.The 25 mm tongue protects your hair 4 times more than a regular tongue: anti static, ceramic, tourmaline ionic and smooth glide coatingChoose the right temperature for your hair type and create silky, tight curls.Features:Hair Styling Tool: Curling TongTechnology: Remington 4X ProtectionBest Use: Clean, Dry And Tangle-Free HairMaterial: Tourmaline-Ceramic Coting BarrelOn/Off Button:..
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Remington CI9532 Pearl Pro Curling Wand
create big, soft curls with Remington Pro Pearl Curl Styler that features a 32 mm barrel with Pearl Ceramic CoatingSimply wrap the hair around the barrel using the protecting glove, hold for a few seconds and you have beautiful, salon-finish, long-lasting curls.Professional hair curler that can be used at homeFeatures:Hair styling tool: Curling ironTechnology: Ionic, Pearl Ceramic TechnologyBest use: Clean, dry and tangle-free hairMaterial: Pearl Ceramic coating barrelOn/Off Button: YesDisplay: ..
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Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand
You like spiral curls but you are tired of going to the salon? With Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand you can create glamorous spiral curls at home with a professional looking finish. The conical 13 - 25 mm barrel features ceramic coating that make your curls look soft and shiny after use.Just use the heat proof glove to wrap your hair around the barrel, hold for a few seconds and you are ready to turn heads!Features:Hair styling tool: Curling wandTechnology: Remington Silk Ceramic Te..
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Remington S3500 Ceramic Straightener
Remington S3500 features anti static, ceramic-tourmaline, smooth glide plates.The hair straightener is ready to use in 15 seconds and reaches a maximum temperature of 230 Run the hair straightener twice per hair section to achieve sleek and smooth hairFeaturesHair Styling tool : Hair StraightenerTechnology: Ceramic plates/Ready in 15 seconds/Hinge lock/110 mm longer length platesBest use: clean, dry and tangle-free hairMaterial: Ceramic platesOn/Off Button: YesDisplay: LED indicator lightMa..
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Remington S6300 Colour Protect Straightener
Straighten your hair and protect its colour at the same time with the new Remington S6300 Colour Protect Straightener The ceramic plates are infused with micro conditioners that prevent your hair colour from fading in time.Your hair will look glossy and vibrant after use.FeaturesHair Styling Tool: Hair StraightenerTechnology: Advanced ceramic coating/Ready in 15 seconds/Plate lock/110 mm longer length platesBest use: clean, dry and tangle-free hairMaterial: Advanced ceramic coating platesOn..
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ShowCharm Hair Straightening Brush with MCH Technology
MCH heating technology means the brush can heat up to the maximum temperature in 30 seconds. This technology significantly reduces overall straightening time. Save energy and time.It features 79 comb teeth and 158 heating panels with ceramic coating to brush and straighten your hair more easily.Double ionic function makes your hair look smooth and silky by reducing frizz. It releases more negative ions to eliminate static electricity and seal in moistureTemperature lock function and Auto-shut of..
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Triple Barrel Curling Iron V&G Professional
V&G Professional
With the Triple Barrel Curling Iron is easy to create long-lasting waves in minutes.Ceramic coating barrels make your curls look shiny and silky.The 22 mm barrels heat up in 60 seconds up to 230 degrees.With multiple heat settings you can choose the right temperature for well-defined or loose waves.FeaturesHair styling tool: Hair curlerTechnology: Ceramic TechnologyBest use: Clean, dry and tangle-free hairMaterial: Ceramic coating barrelsOn/Off Button: YesDisplay: LEDMax Temperature: 230Heat Set..
49.00€ vat incl.
Zebra Travel Mini Hair Straightener
The Zebra Mini Travel Hair Straightener is perfect for short styles, touch ups, small detailed areasFlash light indicatorCreate straight and flip stylesExtremely lightweightWarm up to 200℃FeaturesStyler Type: Hair StraightenerTechnology: Mini ceramic plates for straight hair and flip stylesBest use: clean, dry and tangle-free hairMaterial: Ceramic platesOn/Off Button: YesDisplay: Indicator lightMax Temperature: 200Heat Settings: Heat Up Time: 60 secondsSwivel Cord: 360 degree tangle free sw..
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